Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our New Companion


We have had a wonderful two weeks here. We have enjoyed spontaneous speaking assignments and the testimonies of the Bolivian people. We have taught with the missionaries and have been in the homes of people learning about the gospel. We have loved seeing the random jobs people find...and are tempted to try them out in the states (ex: the "care takers" and "protectors" of our car who wait outside of our car until we get back...who would've known what would've happened if that 5 year old wasn't there to watch the car? Also, teens randomly splashing water on the front window during red lights then quickly washing it, the jugglers who stop traffic, etc.) We have spoken at stake activities and enjoyed the privilege of living across the street from the temple. We have wandered through the marketplace and found souvenirs sold by the crowds of "cholitas". We have gotten to know the familiar dogs always roaming outside of the temple gates. We have gotten haircuts (however, I sure lucked out and got a native haircut. She put it in a ponytail in front and said, "Now don't be startled at the amount I cut off..." Hmmmm...) We have started to drive like Bolivians and learned how to follow the optional red and green stop lights. We have learned how to follow Sonia's directions and obey her commands. We have felt the special spirit of the missionaries and talked with them and laughed with them. We have sent off the first group of missionaries returning to their home after 2 years of service and received the very first group of missionaries starting their service. We have laughed, we have cried, we have finally been able to spend time together after 18 months.
The first hugs at the airport
view of Cochabamba from the Cristo de la Concordia

Three Hansen missionaries

Teaching with the sister missionaries

note:  I have not posted photos of our wonderful missionaries because of church policy that I need to follow . . . (I need to have permission before I post and I cannot list names). The church wants to protect its missionaries. So I will not post the names of these wonderful sisters on this site. We had a wonderful experience with these missionaries (and yes - I have permission :)  kh