Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Service Project with Mano a Mano

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I am a little late in posting . . . but this was a great experience. In March one of our zones helped empty 4 huge cargo containers full of medical donations from the States. All these items will be sent to some of the clinics that Mano a Mano has set up in some of the smaller pueblos in Bolivia. Some things were new, and many were slightly used but just what we need down here. I was able to tour the wonderful training area they have set up for leaders from the pueblos. Here people come to learn about different crops they can grow, how to build a hot house to grow crops year round in the high altitudes of Bolivia. They can learn about raising guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs and cows, or how to build a ‘dry toilet’, and many other useful and needful things. The leaders then choose a few things they need in their pueblo and Mano a Mano helps them with training, materials and labor to achieve their goals. It is a great organization. You can learn more about it at