Monday, March 30, 2015

Conferencia de Hermanas

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the same organization set in place by Jesus Christ. We have a prophet, just like Moses, Abraham and other prophets in the Old Testament. We also have Twelve Apostles. These men lead our church under the direction of and inspiration of Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father.

 Saturday night the women of the church around the world gathered in chapels and homes with internet access to hear leaders of our church including an APOSTLE. Elder Henry B Eyring. We were counseled to be defenders of the family and we were reminded that the family is ordained of God.  Elder Eyring counseled us to be compassionate and loving, and reminded us of the role of the Holy Ghost as a comforter. 

This weekend will be our General Conference when we will be taught by all of our Apostles and the Prophet. I am excited. If you would like to know what a prophet of God has to say to the world today, join us on Saturday and Sunday April 4 and 5, at 10AM and 2 PM MST.

On Saturday all the Sister Missionaries in the Cochabamba area gathered at our home for a Sisters Conference. We missed our Sisters in Sucre, Potosi, and Tupiza!

                                        Our Sisters learned about stress reduction and exercise.

They loved learning about self-defense.

The mission home is not small . . . but we filled 3 areas with tables for dinner! We also found and bought for paper plates! They are not easy to find . . .and even most food court places and the cholitas on the street always use plates and cups that can be washed. (President Hansen and the assistants who were helping with clean up were grateful!)

After the Sisters Conference and dinner we all watched the General Womens Conference  through the internet projected onto a screen downstairs in Spanish and streamed to the TV upstairs in English.

We LOVE our beautiful Hermanas. They are valiant servants and daughters of God. As they waited at the front door for the taxis (we had to call 15 taxis)  the entry was filled with hugs and laughter. What a great night!