Sunday, March 6, 2016

The road to Quirza - Sharing memories with friends who were mission companions 47 years ago

The Road to Quirza

Often missionary companions are forever friends. Two of our senior sister temple missionaries served together 48 years ago in Argentina. They were invited by Elder Scott to go with him and his wife to witness the first baptisms in Southern Bolivia. We were privileged to drive them (and their husbands making 6 of us) to revisit that same pueblo they visited 48 years ago, with Elder Scott. They were able to see the first chapel built in Bolivia which was built after they left. It was a tender trip. They say little has changed in this pueblo.

                 The pueblos are scattered in this area. This sweet sister was on her way to church. We picked her up - then added two more on our way. Seatbelt rules? Not here, The more the merrier.

The shallow River de Oro is swollen from the sudden summer storms.

                                                                                                                                                                     Greeting old timers at Church. This is Diohenes, 
one of the first members baptized  in Southern Bolivia.

                                                                                                                                                                                 And of course our faithful missionaries. The elders in Quiriza have a missioni full of service. They become experts at growing garlic.
I love entering this chapel with the beautiful hand polished benches, the people here love their chapel.It was evident that they had carefully and lovingly prepared the chapel for Sunday morning. Below are photos of before and after the church services.

The members of the Quirza branch. They are the most loving people. 

Isabel, (baptised that first day with her husband Diogenes) took our sister missionaries to see where the first chapel was. Some of the children took me to see their home.

Following a lunch of humitas, we took our young missionaries and the temple missionaries to see some of the places which hold special meaning to the Saints and early missionaries in Quiriza.

We then took a short walk to the river - Rio de Oro. Enjoying the animals and the fields of choco, garlic, etc.

Adobe blocks drying in the sun. Soon they will form a new home.

 All to soon our visit is over. Children wait with left over
water balloons from carnival. Kind friends wave goodbye. We stop quickly to avoid the herd of goats suddenly let loose from their corral and head home just in time as thunderstorms  form in the skies. We love visiting this incredible pueblo.