Sunday, July 20, 2014

Morning Walks and shopping - a Photo Journal

Our beautiful morning walks 

We have the PERFECT morning walk. This is the street right outside our home. You can see the cobblestone street and the walls that surround each block of homes. In this neighborhood you have to knock on the outside door to gain entrance to the front yard and the front door.
This is the block we walk around! It is a little less that a half a mile. One of our first mornings we meet President Jensen, the temple president walking around the temple with a big trash bag in his hand. People love to sit on the lawns outside the temple, and we are also right by a school. Trash accumulates on our beautiful temple landscape, and most mornings President Jensen arises early to clean the temple grounds. But we have also found a joy in picking up the trash BEFORE he gets there. Our help Sonya told us she saw President Jensen wandering around with a confused look one morning - - - we beat him to trash pick up! :)

Saturday morning we were surprised at the SNOW that was left in  the mountains behind our home after a night of rain.

Adventures in shopping.  Finding new things is really a lot of fun!
Grocery shopping has been a fun adventure. Milk comes in bags.

Yogurt comes in bags AND 2 liter bottles! It is delicious

You do not pay extra for brown eggs - they all are brown.
Except for these LITTLE quail eggs.

No, I am not sure WHO would want to eat cold cereal called choko snails,

and I do not know WHY they have canned boiled peanuts.

On Saturdays there is an outdoor market. This Saturday I picked up some fruit that I have no idea what it is - but I know Sonya will know how to fix it for us.  There are lots of strange new things to try.

This boy is pushing our shopping cart! We could not carry it all by hand.

Just a few more fun Bolivian discoveries -

They DO have carne asada fries here . . .Bolivian style
This is Pike Macho - it is fried potatoes
seasoned spicy meat, and then they add peppers, carrots, HOT DOGS slices, onions tomatoes and of course . . the boiled egg.

And the last discovery - - - a restaurant named Tuesdays  (a lot like Fridays!)

A final story. Friday night we were asked to go to a hospital to visit a teenage boy who was in intensive care.    
A storm had come up that evening, and we struggled a bit finding the hospital in the dark wet weather without a good map. We arrived and the missionaries met us. We were introduced to the mother of the sick boy and President Hansen told her I could not speak Spanish. She looked at me and said (in spanish) she does not need to speak with words, she understands with her spirit. She proceeded to explain all that had happened to her son and I did understand the gist of the story. We then walked into the intensive care unit. A sweet cholita woman (native Bolivian, native dress, black hair in braids down to her waist, scarf in her hair - beautiful woman) came up to the missionaries and asked them if they could do something for HER son. They explained the blessing of the sick and annointing with oil. She asked if they would bless her son. And so President Hansen and the missionaries annointed and blessed this unconscious boy. As they began to pray she looked over at me with huge tears rolling down her cheeks. She edged over and laid her head on my arm (she was too short to reach my shoulder). and she began silently mouthing her prayer along with theirs.  Following the blessing Pres. Hansen invited her to pray for her boy. What a heartful, tearful, loving, faithfilled prayer! After she had finished she looked at me again  and just reached and held on to me.  We left to visit the boy we had come to see. I learned a lot that night. The mother of the boy we had originally come to see was right. Words are not always necessary or even needed.  Sometimes they just get in the way.


  1. It was really nice to see another post today when I went to the blog. Been thinking of you guys a lot the past few days. Seems like they keep you pretty busy with all of your new (kids) to share your unconditional love with. I know the Lord has picked the best when it came to these people. The woman who mentioned that you didn't need words because you have the spirit with you....I know exactly what she meant by this. Kathy you have been doing that for me for many many years as my visiting teacher. Your spirit speaks volumes and your heart is always in the right place. I miss you but am so grateful that you will be able to share all the love you have for others in a new way that you never knew was possible. Again you have shared with me through your actions just what it means to love one another. Until your next post...may the angels keep you surrounded and that the Lord is always walking right beside you! Sherri

  2. Thanks for posting this, Kathy - what a sweet story. The missionaries and people of Bolivia are certainly blessed to have you and Mark serving there! :) Diane Barker

  3. I love the story of your experience in the hospital and how the native mothers sensed your loving heart and the empathy you have for them.

  4. I love reading your stories and seeing your pictures, what an adventure!!