Sunday, September 7, 2014

Traveling the Mission, A photo journey

We took 6 days to visit the southern parts of the mission. This involves a plane flight to Sucre where we picked up the mission vehicle that stays in Sucre. Luckily is it a 4 wheel drive car - we drove and drove through the altipano of Bolivia, It is beautiful. (sorry I am still figuring out how to post the photos, they move around between my uploading them and the final 'publish page' . . . I will learn)
Bolivian traffic cones --- gotta pay attention because . . .

road construction has little warning!

Seat belts???? Not a law in Bolivia
First stop Betanzos, We found a quaint little
chapel on Calle Mormones

 On to Potosi . . . . You can almost touch the sky.
One of the highest cities in the world at 13,400 feet

Then the fun started. LLAMAS, everywhere, on the roads, in the
fields, wandering free on being herded. Although we disagreed
on how to pronouce the name (llamas, yamas, jamas depending
on where you learned spanish) we LOVED watching them
I really took this photo . . . From the window of the car!
Llamas everywhere

and goats . . . .
and burros. It made the drive exciting.
We stopped for a little fun at the Salt Flats
in Uyuni . . . 

Our super human assistants . . .

The drive to Queriza is beautiful with the red rock mountains

Sheep and goat herders are usually young boys or women

 and the green fields by the river are beautiful.

Our missionaries are helping to build the roof on the house in
the center. It will be used for tourists.

I just had to get  photo of this electric meter in an adobe 

The first chapel in Bolivia, was built inQueriza, a very special place.
 It was dedicated by Spencer W Kimball and there are many stories about this special
place. The piano was fun to play . . . a little out of tune but the people of Queriza did not care. They just SANG.
The chapel and the beam.
Missionaries are the best! 

A great place to interview the elders

This picture tells the real story. These are the incredible children of Queriza, many of them are non-members who came to hear us speak. My favorite part of the evening was when President Hansen had 6 young boys up in front and was using them to help tell a story. He then opened his scriptures to read what Jesus had to say about children. I loved watching how those 6 boys crowded to be able to see in the scriptures what the Savior had to say about children. These are beautiful, loving, faithfilled people.


  1. I love all of these photos! The ones on the salt flats are so funny and Dad looks like he is really holding the elders and a car... haha! My favorite photo is you both with the beautiful children. Those are genuine smiles! Miss you <3 -Becca

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos with us - I feel almost as if I'm there! I also loved the one of Mark holding the missionaries in his hands - how clever! The last one of you with the children is so special - they have such sweet little faces. You both look like you are really enjoying your time in Bolivia!