Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fall and Winter 2015

It may be over 100 degrees in the United States but it is winter here in Bolivia. These photos are from June, July and last week.

                                                                                                                                                                                       The Cholitas work hard harvesting and stacking the grain.  The mountains are covered with patches of tilled or harvested farms.

 Always, always working.
Family working together, father tilling and mom and children planting seeds from their buckets.

Sometimes while driving we have to wait . . . . because there is a cow in the road-

We took this photo while driving near Potosi. They are making chuño. The potatoes are harvested and the smaller ones are spread out to freeze in the cold night air and then dry in the warm sun of the day. In between the freezing and drying the excess moisture is pressed out by stepping on them. So . . . freeze dried potatoes, Andean style.  The process takes about 5 days. This is a common food in Bolivia, and although it is served often it is not one of the missionaries favorites!

 The weather forecast said 50 degrees. So we were a little suprised with snow in Potosi for Zone conference. It was beautiful and we just sat a little closer in the chapel (they buildings are unheated), and we kept our coats and scarves and even mittens on for the almost 6 hour meeting!

Driving into Potosi. It only gets snow a couple times a year. 

 Missionaries are still bundled up at the end of the meeting but they all wanted to pose with President and the OBEY hat we found at the Cancha (a huge outdoor market where you can find ANYTHING).  We always, always teach the blessings of obedience - but the missionaries especially loved the new hat.

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