Sunday, September 27, 2015

La Perla de Gran Precio -

Sisters Conference Sept. 2015
La Perla de Gran Precio

The Hermanas of Cochabamba gathered in the mission home for our semi-annual Sisters conference before the Womens Broadcast. We loved being together, but we missed our sisters in Sucre, Potosi and Tupiza!  We practiced directing music, listened to a psychologist teach us about handling stress, we learned fast ways to fix hair on busy days, and we demonstrated our new found knowledge with skits. President and I cooked mexican food and the sisters were happy!, We watched conference in the language of our choice, (spanish downstairs, english upstairs). It was a fun uplifting night!    

Directing music begins with learning about beats,  measures, and time signatures.                                   

I love how much they love and care for each other. They enjoyed practicing new quick ways to fix hair

Skits and the appreciative audience.

                                                     Quick temple photo before dinner!

Our multi language conference viewing. These sister came quickly to grab the soft seats!

We LOVE our Hermanas. It is a joy to have them here with us

       Picture time while waiting for taxis! It does take awhile for enough taxis to come for 42 girls!

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