Monday, December 28, 2015

Penguins in Peru and Mission Miracles - Here we COME! OCTOBER 2015

                                                                                                                                                 The five Bolivian Mission Presidents and their wives. (Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz North, Cochabamba, La Paz, La Paz El Alto) 

P day!!! Did you know there are penguins in Peru?

We got to see the candelabra of the Andes.This hieroglyph is carved 2 feet into the rock and is dated 200 BC. It is large enough to be seen at sea, from 12 miles away

We also went sandboarding on the sand dunes of Paracas. Beautiful!

Mission Miracles
A year ago we had to send one of our missionaries home, because a brain tumor was discovered here on her mission. She did not want to go and pleaded to stay, wanting to delay surgery until her mission was complete. That of course was not reasonable. The Cochabamba mission prayed and fasted for a successful surgery, and all went extremely well.   In October, one year after her brain surgery she has returned, full of faith and smiles. She is one of our miracles.

In October and November we received a LARGE number of missionaries. In fact for a while over 30% of our missionaries were in training. They came with faith and energy and love. We had just finished a zone conference and during that conference we talked a lot about what it would mean to be a Zion Mission. Just a few days later we were greeting missionaries at the airport. As is our custom, we began singing "Called to Serve" as soon as our first missionaries walk through the gate. One missionary, with tears streaming down his face said to President Hansen, "I feel like I have arrived in Zion".  To us, his words were another mission miracle.

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