Sunday, October 23, 2016

Snapshots of moments in September and October

Just a few snapshots of Sept and October in the 

Cochabamba Mission

Every Latino missionary is encouraged to learn English. At the
end of their mission they can take an English proficiency test
that is paid for by the church. This transfer we had 8 missionaries
pass. We are SO PROUD of their hard work.

A favorite p-day activity for President and I is to walk through
the cauncha (a HUGE outdoor shopping area where absolutely
everything is for sale).  This little girl has learned to grab a nap while her momma sells bananas.

 Dia de peaton is always on a Sunday. It does make walking to church fun when the streets are full of people, bikes and scooters.

 Living across the street from the temple is SUCH a blessing. It is the first thing we see when we leave the house every day. A walk around the temple is a sure way to calm the soul and re-energize the mind.

The children in Bolivia are simply beautiful, and they sing with their WHOLE HEART.  

Waiting for our new missionaries. We always get so excited to see them walk out the security area. We welcome them singing Called to Serve while they walk out the doors. 

I snapped this photo as we were leaving after a temple session with our missionaries. I absolutely love seeing the best dress and traditional clothing that is worn as people come to the temple. This woman is wearing a traditional hat and skirt and probably many layers of petticoats. 


Sometimes I do wonder about Bolivia.  Would you like to ride in this taxi with the drivers curtain blocking his view???

We are not above a little bribery! In an effort to improve the cleanliness of the apartments we introduced Llama Limpia. The zones can win him and keep him for the month, He comes with cookies. Missionaries will do anything for cookies!

    The area provided emergency backpacks for each missionary. We sorted and organized and delivered them during zone conference. This is only a small portion of the 185 recieved so far. I will have to alter my backpack though.  They have 4 tins of sardines as the food source!

Happy Missionaries!. The office secretaries brought Burger King for lunch during conference. This is actually a BIG DEAL as fast food is NOT the norm. We have found ONE Burger King in the entire mission.

 We held Zone conferences in Cochabamba, Potosi and Quiriza. We do enjoy spending time with these missionaries

Yes, we do try to fit in exercising. Cochabamba has some fun exercise machines in the little parks or center islands of the road. This one is close to our home. There also are very nice walking paths, you just have to share them with the dogs who have been partying all night.

We LOVE womens conference time. We gather the Hermanas that are here in Cochabamba and spend an afternoon together. 

We have seminars, learn new skills, laugh together and love. 
            This is the best mission with the best missionaries!


  1. The love you have for your missionaries and for Bolivia shines through your words and your pictures.

  2. Thanks Becca, We do love our missionaries